About me

Grew up in rural Texas and taught myself how to design and code when I was 12 since there wasn’t much else to do. I love learning new things either about people, technology or business problems which led me down the path to becoming a Product Designer.

In my free time I paint, hang with my dog and always trying to find a new brunch spot.


Research & insights

Either talking to customers or looking at data, gaining empathy for people rooted in qualitative or quantitative research is vital to the success of any product.

Key problems & goals

Based on research, product design can partner closely with product management and eng to clearly define the main customer, business problems and goals.

Design, ship & learn

Product design then collaborates with their team to develop solutions using a series of design tools like information architecture, flows, UI designs, prototyping. Whatever it takes to ship, learn and do it again.


Have shipped impactful experiences for Facebook, Google, Apple, GAP Inc, eBay plus many others. Connect with me and learn more on LinkedIn.



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